A downloadable mod for Windows, macOS, and Linux

So, I was bored one afternoon so I browsed the internet and found the lovely game Sagittarius by George Prosser. After weeks of playing, it became stale, so I spiced it up a bit.

This is my first time messing around with LÖVE and I'm really proud of the outcome.

Changes Include:

  • Sleek New UI
  • Replaced Music / Sounds
  • New Colors
  • Reworked arrow physics

Thanks for checking my project out. This took WAY too much time to make and I appreciate all the support given to me.

Install instructions

Downloadable is a .love file which you can launch with the LÖVE framework (Baby Inspector 0.9.2 Version) available Here


SagittariusBeyond1.0.love 6 MB
SagittariusBeyond1.0Mac 16 MB


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How do I install?

If you have a mac, download the OSX app. If you're on another OS, download the .love file and love 0.9.2 and run the .love file with the love0.9.2 executable.